Small towns, city life, nature and family; remembering and converging those subjects, I create images that are more than a still life and I have to paint them. My earlier works, which I also found I had to paint, were based on a still life too. I definitely did find the images around me naturally alluring when I photographed them and later painted them. Sometimes I meticulously set-up a still life and sometimes I quickly took a photo of an observed, alluring subject, which I always found. My recent paintings are still based on my photos, but I’m combining them to express some mixed thoughts and emotions here today. The new images I wish to share are a colorful presentation of intricate shapes that allude to a positive semblance of reality, even when the subject is sad. The sadness remains but since we continue, we can see the world with some great and special reflections, it’s definitely more enjoyable then. So mostly the message of my work is about enjoying life and its beauty, enjoying everything you can.