new paintings

L-R: Lupine Landscape, Summer Cameos

Lupine Landscape: 14×18, Flowers and flowing water are of course admired art subjects. Still, it’s easy to be drawn to paint them again. Lupine flowers stand out with their very vibrant colors and are a source of nutritional value to birds and insects.

Summer Cameos: 36×24, , Spontaneous summer photos preserve the short but always remembered beauty of the season.

L-R: Jazz Fest Getaway, Soiree Time

Jazz Fest Getaway: 20×20, Past memories and an upcoming jazz fest are the inspiration for this image of a day transitioning to a lively night, with music performed by passionate musicians.

Soiree Time: 28×22, Inclusion of a piano and energetic images capture the happiness and celebratory mood that music stimulates.

L-R: Hotdogs & Hamburgers, One Sky

Hotdogs & Hamburgers: 24×18, Combining some fun and simple ideas can result in a silly image like this combination of a popular food sign and my popular dachshund pets.

One Sky: 28×22, We’re connected in many ways on earth and we share the wonder of the sky above us and our environment.

L-R: Culture, Street Scene, Distanced

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Culture: 36×24, acrylic on canvas, violence along the Mexican border stereotypes the whole country. Painting common images like mariachis and Rivera’s mosaic musician, reminds us to celebrate culture and enjoy our world.

Street Scene: 22×28 acrylic on canvas, an impromptu photo taken in San Francisco, is a snapshot of the social life we took for granted.

Distanced: 36×18, acrylic on canvas, small town Ohio and remote locations all over the world are economically and socially distanced, especially during this pandemic.

L-R: Endless Uncertainty, Redacted Confusion

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Endless Uncertainty: 12×18, acrylic on canvas, an accidental move while photographing the moon resulted in this mysterious glowing image; mysterious just like all the many unknowns of today.

Redacted Confusion: 22×28, acrylic on canvas, nothing makes sense when much is illogical and redacted. Honesty is needed.

L-R: Cordial Connections, Elevated

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Cordial Connections: 14×18, acrylic on canvas, adjusting to long hours at home and depressing news, temporary relief is sometimes a cheer on Zoom.

Elevated: 16×20, acrylic on canvas, sometimes in life you go with the flow to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

L-R: Outside Only, Inspiration

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Outside Only: 24×24, acrylic on canvas, our casual, impromptu gatherings were so limited and may return to that state. Enjoying nature is an uplifting and temporary escape.

Inspiration: 30×30, acrylic on canvas, let inspiration take you to happiness and hope; feel the beautiful things in your mind.

L-R: Converged Thrills, Converged Paths

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Converged Thrills: 20×20, acrylic on canvas, find and do what thrills you in many places.

Converged Paths: 20×24, acrylic on canvas, choose paths everywhere, travel to new and repeated places you love, near and distant.